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Building Businesses in Africa.

Samson Makani is a young man who lives in Bangula, Malawi. He works hard to find ways to support his wife, Esther, and son, Victor. Samson had a dream of owning a poultry business and selling eggs. We first met Samson in 2013 at a Business Workshop that we held in Lilongwe, Malawi. In 2015, he shared his dream with us. Over the next year and a half, we worked hard with Samson to develop a good business model and plan for success and sustainability. In August of 2016, we sent the first money to build the hen house and to purchase feeders and watering containers. The next step was to buy 100 baby chicks and the starter mash to feed them. In March/April of this year the chickens began to produce eggs and his business began to function. He had already setup relationships to sell his eggs through his Sales Strategy defined in his business plan. Last month his business showed a $90.00 profit, which doesn't seem like much to us in the US. However, in Malawi where the average wage is $300.00 per year, $90.00 is very significant. Currently, the business has doubled the size of the hen house and added 100 chickens. The plan is to have over 400 chickens in the next 3 years and hire 2 or 3 employees. We have provided Samson with the opportunity to create his own future and the future of his family. We've given him the ability to bring sustainability. His dream has become a reality. How would you like to be part of helping individuals live their dreams, bringing hope where there is none.

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